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As you probably can guess, we are a company that deals with manufacturing vacuum cleaners. Sure, there are many vacuum cleaner companies, but they do not have the same approach as we do. Our company is small, and the business is done only for the love of manufacturing. Each of our units is unique and we always try to incorporate new ideas in our design. If you want a custom-made vacuum cleaner, this is the place where you can find it! We will gladly take up any project you may have in mind!



The history of our company is not as long since we have only existed for 5 years. The company is proud to say that in those five years we have managed to establish a reputation of a company that can help bring visions to life and truly makes some unique designed vacuum cleaners. We are also proud to say that we have had international clients and that our vacuum cleaners are as many functional products as they are unique objects for collectors and great presents. Our passion is engineering and designing, and this job combines both. We are also open to various other projects that might help us expand our offer.


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Our Services

Find out more about the services we have to offer.

Custom Design

We can offer you custom design for your vacuum cleaner, as well as design one which is unique as a present. We are glad to work on projects, even when they involve just one product.

Vacuum Cleaners Manufacturing

We are also a company that manufactures amazing vacuum cleaners that are not just unique but of top quality and equally amazing design.

Vacuum Cleaners Manufacturing Projects

We can also help you make a viable vacuum cleaner manufacturing project, especially if you are new in this business. We are glad to help grow competition and happy to see it thrive, even though it may sound silly to some people.

Marketing Ideas For Vacuum Cleaner Products

We can also help you with your marketing ideas for additional vacuum cleaner products, and help you devise a successful marketing strategy.

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meet our team of experts

Here you can find more info about the members of our team.


Gerda-Evelyn Thompson

Gerda-Evelyn Thompson

The CEO and the main visionary of our company, Mrs. Thompson always try to expand our horizons and tries out new projects.

Peter L. Lindon

Peter L. Lindon

None of which would have been realized, if there weren’t for Peter Lindon! The engineering background he brings into the picture helps the company.

Olive A. O’Neil

Olive A. O’Neil

With a little help of Mrs. O’Neal’s great organizational skills, all our projects are always on time and managed perfectly. She is in charge of all the communication and marketing projects for our company.

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